We know you’ve heard us say it a million times before: Down ballot matters. But as we close out the year that has been 2020, we wanted to take a moment to show you just some of the ways your support changed the course of this year’s election.

First, let’s start with how you invested in down ballot races this year:

Because of you, the Democratic Attorneys General Association raised nearly $2 million through our small dollar digital program alone — the highest we’ve ever raised in a single year!

  • Broke our record for the most money raised in a single day ($16,000 raised in one day!)
  • Included donors from all 50 states!

Now, let’s turn to what your investments allowed us to do in our fight to elect Democratic AGs:

Because of your continued support, we were able to reach more than 5.2 MILLION voters and supporters through email and text messaging alone. This level of outreach can be the difference between winning and losing an election in states like North Carolina, where Attorney General Josh Stein won by a little under 14,000 votes.

  • Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro broke records when he received the most votes EVER of any non-presidential candidate in the history of PA.
  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein broke fundraising records when he raised more than any non-gubernatorial candidate in state history.

DAGA elects and supports Democratic Attorneys General. We fight for them, so they can fight for you.

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