WA State Republican AG Candidate Caught Misleading Voters About Prosecutorial Experience

Matt Larkin, the Washington Republican AG candidate, has repeatedly referred to himself as a “proven prosecutor” with experience “in Spokane and Pierce counties” or as someone who hasprosecuted on both sides of the mountains.” For example, in a video Larkin produced for the Washington Republican Party Convention on June 29, Larkin says, “I prosecuted in Pierce and Spokane Counties.”

The only thing Larkin is proven to be is misleading. Public records reveal Matt Larkin is not being truthful about his experience with voters.

A public records request shows that Mr. Larkin never served as a Prosecutor or Deputy Prosecutor in Spokane County.

  • The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office disclosed that Larkin’s name does not appear on a single case.
  • The office included this note saying, “The PA has no record of Mr. Larkin ever being a Prosecutor or Deputy Prosecutor for the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.”
  • The only documentation related to Larkin’s time in Spokane County is a volunteer form.

Moreover, public records show Matt Larkin spent only 67 days in the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office.

Larkin is running for office on an exaggerated resume. He simply cannot be trusted, and Washington voters needed to know the truth about his past as voting gets underway in just a few weeks.

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